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Studio TANJAS is registered designer studio  and  small manufacture based in Croatia providing handmade items from corsetry, latex couture and casual urban wear to extravagant attire with an accent on elemental noir aesthetics. 

Beside handmade attire items, studio is registered manufacture for applied arts and designs, as well specialized designer's services which include pattern design, consultations about fashion business and line development, and designing specific seasonal lines for wholesalers by demand.


  • made-to-order attire 

Most of the designs from TANJAS estores are made-by-order, which is also emphasized under article descriptions.

Production of article usually takes-5-10 business days, and during seasons, sometimes it takes 2-3 weeks.

Complex articles (winter coats, latex catsuits, and complete outfits) usually take 2-4 weeks to be made, so to make sure customer get their outfits on time, they're encouraged to send us quick note about timeline production during particular season.

Option for 'urgent production' is available only in TANJAS Etsy store, offering articles to be made in 1-3 business days.


  Studio Tanjas is specialized in made-to-fit custom couture & designs made in fabrics, leather and latex rubber, oriented but not limited to elegant and urban Neo-Noir Style; from formal wear, evening dresses, corsetry to fashionable latex designs according to customer' demand, which are made and fitted personally by the designer.

 Designer attire found on this e-store and Etsy are made-by-order in studio based in Croatia and are personally handcrafted  by senior fashion designer and painter artist Tanja Bedekovic.

Series for wholesalers and dealers are produced in textile attire factory.

Some of designer's previous clients include Maja Šuput, Ira of Colonia, as well private worldwide clients from Australia to California.

Options for custom couture include one of the top quality materials and fabrics found, but also couture made with customer's own fabrics. 

Customers from Croatia can make arrangement at the studio atelier based in Zagreb, by contact email or phone.

TANJAS business aim is to provide one of the top handmade quality outfits under reasonable prices, which meets expectations of most demanding customers.

  • c o l l a b o r a t i o n s 

I'm  always gladly open to collaborate with like-mind individuals.

However I only consider models/photographers/individuals with portofolio reflecting they are serious about what they do which reflects their professionality in fashion business be it mainstream or alternative.


For collaboration, contact me by email with a little bit of details about you, preferably with attached web portofolio of your previous work and properly credited artists and fashion designers with whom you have worked so far.

 Preferable themes and points of interes for collaborations are; fashionable fetish editorials, beauty in darkness themes, obscure surrealism, romanticism, vechile/biker presentations, mastiff editorials and showcase (presa canario, rottweiler, pinscher doberman, dogo argentino,cane corso), wolfdog and wolf breeds editorials and showcases, bigcats/wild birds/reptile/large snakes scenarios, primal and raw femininity, feminine erotical simplicity,  neat and indigenous dominant/submissive themes, castles and historical ruins, streams and waterfalls editorials, seasons in nature, and  of course, professional model/photographer editorials with similar or alike creative resonance as mine.


Studio TANJAS® offers wholesale for quantity of 5 to more dozens of same articles, preferable for dealers and physical-oriented stores and boutiques.

Send an email inquiry for details. 
  • About SOLD OUT designs

In practice, I do not double-make designs which are sold out and unique. However, sold out items can be custom made by demand. For further questions, feel free to email an inquiry.



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Pitomaca 33405, CRO

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