Around 90 % of attire from TANJAS estores are custom made / made by order and most of them are made to fit, thus returns of the articles with money refund is not an option for whatever reason. This rule stands for both made by order designs, custom designs and uniqats, why special consideration of accurate measuring and sizing must be taken in account.

Important dimensions and information about articles are provided in description box for each design. If a customer has a doubt about sizes, we encourage you to contact us about specific detail and we will gladly provide the details about article in demand.

Most basic rule for TANJAS studio is our customers get a first hand new, unworn article made exclusive for them, or unique article which has been waiting just for them, so to buy and try then return option is not in our business policy.

We strive to make articles the best we can, and all articles are double checked before being shipped. We understand sometimes there may be some leaks (cm tighter/wider construction made during process) however we strive there are none, therefore if ordered design doesn't fit properly, customer may send back the article and the same will be fixed to properly fit. While we do not charge for this extra work, only the shipment back is charged to the customer.

If customer is in doubt about sizing, send as a convo and we'll gladly help you out if in doubt.

Designs which are returned in a shipment with no prior notice, will not be accepted.

Shipping & refund

All orders are shipped via EMS with the tracking number included,  and you can check the status of your order anytime on Track and Trace website.

Shipping to EU countries takes around 5-7 business days, while to rest of the world takes 7-10 business days.

Sometimes the delays of shipping timeline are present. TANJAS studio is not responsible for eventual delays of delivery, or items being damaged during delivery. We cannot refund for items which doesn't arrive by expected date due to mentioned factors.

If customer is concerned about order to arrive on time, it is recommended to employ another courier service instead of EMS. We can arrange shipping to any destination via Overseas Express or DHL service which usually transport goods in between 2-4 business days, or even next day delivery. The additional shipping cost is to be pay by customer. By emailing us about choosing faster shipping service we will provide you exact cost and duration of shipping to your destination.